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    Safety Lid

    This outstanding CCQ accessory is designed specifically for private parks.

    The award-winning Christie CCQ now has a stunning Safety Lid designed in stainless steel to complement its clean and contemporary lines.
    Not only does this new lid look good, it’s also an important safety device.
    It’s insulated so it can be lowered on to the hot cooking surface to cover it while it cools down.
    Hygiene is also a key component of safety and this lid helps keep the hotplate free of contaminants.
    Safety Lid even helps keep your Christie barbecue looking good too.
    Keeping the barbecue clean is made easier by closing the lid when the cook-top is no longer in use. This ensures that dust and debris are kept off the cooking surface.
    The lid also covers the cooktop’s drain hole stopping rain water flowing down into the internal structure of the barbecue.
    Safety Lid is specifically designed for enclosed private parks such as:

    • Resorts
    • Caravan Parks
    • Gated Communities
    • Golf and Bowling Clubs
    • Retirement Villages
    • Apartment Complexes

    Safety Lid Installation Kit: Specifications

    When lifted to the open position the Safety Lid self-latches.   To close it, simple pull to disengage the latch.

    Made from high quality stainless steel with ‘piano-style’ hinges, the CCQ Safety Lid is extremely robust and  exceptionally durable.

    At the same time, it is designed to be light enough for anyone to operated it with ease.

    Safety Lid Warranty.

    All Christie CCQ barbecues are designed, as far as humanly possible, to be vandal-proof, but unfortunately, due its mode of operation this is just not possible with the Safety Lid.

    Safety Lids are strong but light. There is no way they can be designed to withstand an aggressive vandal attack.

    That’s why the CCQ Safety Lid is NOT recommended for use in unsupervised public open spaces or other locations where barbecue vandalism is likely.

    For that reason, the normal Christie Parksafe warranty does NOT cover lids installed in those locations.

    Safety Lid Ordering & Delivery: 

    To keep your purchase price as low as possible, Christie CCQ cooktops are shipped as fully assembled units.  Accessories, like the Safety Lid, are shipped in separate cartons for onsite assembly.

    This system helps make retrofitting lids to existing CCQ cook-tops a viable option.

    Safety Lids are available for both Gas CCQ and Electric CCQ.

    Safety Lid Installation: 

    Assembly instructions come with every Safety Lid.   The only specialised tool required is a heavy duty rivet gun – [domestic guns will not be strong enough].

    Download Brochure

    Christie Parksafe. began business as an Electrical Engineering and Contracting company operating on the Mornington Peninsula area of Victoria, Australia. In the early 1970’s they perceived the need for easy access to outdoor entertaining and conceived the idea of producing fixed electrical public cooking facilities in attractive environmental outdoor settings for public use. In 1974 they began selling these products to Municipal Councils throughout Australia; with the most prominent being the highly successful number along Alexandra Avenue on the bank of the Yarra River in Melbourne. In addition there are in excess of 500 units on Queensland’s Gold Coast and 500 units in Australia’s Capital, Canberra.: