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  • There are many Christie Modular combinations available. Some can include a SINK which are usually supplied with an Access Door.

    We can also supply Modular Installation Kits without any CCQ units – just bench and sink or just open benchspace are available on request – Even Modular ONE can be supplied with just a sink.


    Open-Bench Installation Kit

    fascia-on-CCQWhenever the space underneath a barbeque bench is left open there is  a serious safety issue, especially when there are children around.

    If exposed, the under-side of any barbeque is simply too hot to touch safely.

    Christie Open-Bench Installation Kits overcome this problem by enclosing the under-bench components in a protective cabinet.

    The CCQ’s Open-Bench Installation Kit even includes an in-built fat tray.

    The Kit consists of an enclosure that drops into the cut-out made in the benchtop for the CCQ cooktop.

    The benchtop is not part of the Open-Bench package, so designers have real flexibility in choosing benchtop shapes and non-combustible materials.

    O-B Kits are ideal for replacing old barbeques with state-of-the-art CCQ cooktops in situations where the underside of the CCQ is easily accessible.

    To do this, the existing structure must meet the minimum mandatory requirements.

    Open-Bench Kit.

    The Open-Bench Installation Kit is a CCQ accessory that can be ordered with either a Gas or Electric CCQ cooktop.

    It consists of a  Stainless Steel enclosure  with an integral Fat Tray that can be completely removed for easy cleaning.

    Integration of the Fat Tray means the Open-Bench Kit is designed to be installed under cover.

    If sited outdoors, the CCQ must be fitted with an optional Safety Lid to prevent rain water or sprinklers from over-filling the Fat Tray.

    Replacing Old Hotplates.

    New gas or electric CCQ cooktops can be installed into an existing barbeque structure using an Open-Bench Kit , so long as the bench in that structure meets the following criteria:

    The benchtop must be made of non-combustible material, be a minimum of 750mm deep and 900mm high off the ground for safety.

    The cut-out in the bench that the O-B Installation Kit will be dropped into must be at least 495mm x 495mm and no larger than 540mm x 540mm.


    O-B Enclosure Dimensions:

    Side-to-side 484mm

    Front-to-back 484mm

    Benchtop-to-base  354mm

    CCQ Cooktop Dimensions:

    Side-to-side 610mm

    Front-to-back  635mm

    Height above benchtop  60mm

    Cut-out in Bench  495 x 495mm

    Cooking area  440 x 440mm

    Benchtop Safety & Ventilation Clearances:

    Minimum bench width & depth  750mm

    Minimum height off ground 900mm

    Minimum overhead clearance above hotplate. 1200mm

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    Christie Parksafe. began business as an Electrical Engineering and Contracting company operating on the Mornington Peninsula area of Victoria, Australia. In the early 1970’s they perceived the need for easy access to outdoor entertaining and conceived the idea of producing fixed electrical public cooking facilities in attractive environmental outdoor settings for public use. In 1974 they began selling these products to Municipal Councils throughout Australia; with the most prominent being the highly successful number along Alexandra Avenue on the bank of the Yarra River in Melbourne. In addition there are in excess of 500 units on Queensland’s Gold Coast and 500 units in Australia’s Capital, Canberra.: