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  • Efficiency: preserving our natural resources

    Building the first parksafe GAS BBQ, meant Christies had to develop an innovative all-stainless gas burner.

    The CC2’s flame had to be completely isolated without compromising any of Christie’s safety and hygiene principles.

    Precise temperature regulation is the key to superior cooking performance.

    So, while others control temperature with a basic mechanical thermostat the CC2 employs sophisticated electronic temperature control. Its active control system uses precise and reliable solid state temperature sensing component.

    CC2 restricts its thermostat just to sensing over-temperature.

    This makes CC2 the only park BBQ to have automatic temperature control on both Gas and Electric models.

    bondedBonded Dual-Layer Technology spreads the energy more evenly across every part of the cooking surface. Like an expensive saucepan, this bonded layer distributes heat to all corners of the plate, even the side walls, making sure there are never any cool spots to harbour harmful germs and bacteria.

    Amazingly, this unique technology also makes the 3.6kW Christie CC2-Electric
    system more efficient, with better cooking performance, than any lowpowered hotplate.

    Electric Efficiency is not measured by simplistic power ratings. A complex metric is needed to combine the total energy consumed and the time taken to cook hygienically.

    Scientific tests prove conclusively that too little power means less efficiency!

    For example, just 1.8kW isn’t enough to cook safely. It will warm parts of the hotplate, but a full food load increases the thermal mass to a point where a low powered unit cannot keep all the food at a safe cooking temperature all the time.

    By contrast, a 6 kW hotplate cooks everything brilliantly, and safely. And does it so quickly, it actually uses less energy, achieving the best efficiency rating of all.

    However, running heavy power cables to remote locations makes the 6kW hotplate impractical.

    Tones of Co2 per annum.

    6kW            1.56 tones
    3.6kW            1.82 tones
    1.8kW               2.08 tones

    Comparison data from 3 BBQs cooking the same volume of food per annum

    Electricity Consumption per annum.

    6kW        1560kKW
    3.6kW          1820kKW
    1.86kW              2080kKW

    Christies field testing proved that the 3.6 kW High-Efficiency BBQ had just the right balance of power and speed to cook safely and efficiently.

    Christie Parksafe. began business as an Electrical Engineering and Contracting company operating on the Mornington Peninsula area of Victoria, Australia. In the early 1970’s they perceived the need for easy access to outdoor entertaining and conceived the idea of producing fixed electrical public cooking facilities in attractive environmental outdoor settings for public use. In 1974 they began selling these products to Municipal Councils throughout Australia; with the most prominent being the highly successful number along Alexandra Avenue on the bank of the Yarra River in Melbourne. In addition there are in excess of 500 units on Queensland’s Gold Coast and 500 units in Australia’s Capital, Canberra.: