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    The Christie Parksafe philosophy is based on three factors:

    Know what industry you are in.

    Make the best products to meet that industry’s requirement.

    Service and support that industry.

    Many people are surprised to find out that we consider ourselves to be in the SAFETY industry. Our Parksafe Barbecues are designed and built from inception to market with safety as the prime consideration. Every aspect of a Christie Parksafe product is examined to meet the most rigorous safety, hygiene and environmental standards.

    It is not uncommon for people to think we are in the barbecue business. Looking at the end use of our products and not how they are constructed perpetuates this belief.

    To make a barbecue, basically all you need is to gather four stones and a sheet of steel, place the sheet of steel on the four stones and light a fire under the steel plate. To make a SAFE, HYGIENIC and EFFICIENT barbecue is another matter entirely.

    When we set out to design a Parksafe Barbecue the first key is to assume the product will be used unsupervised. Safety and hygiene practices by the public can not be guaranteed, supervision of children can not be taken for granted and common sense is not all that common.

    Servicing and supporting our industry is the key to our success. Helping our clients to understand and get the best possible outcome for their investment is our goal. Giving something back to our clients in the way of sponsorships, technical training, donations and being part of all major events is our way of thanking the people who support us.

    Never be satisfied, we can always do better.

    Christie Parksafe. began business as an Electrical Engineering and Contracting company operating on the Mornington Peninsula area of Victoria, Australia. In the early 1970’s they perceived the need for easy access to outdoor entertaining and conceived the idea of producing fixed electrical public cooking facilities in attractive environmental outdoor settings for public use. In 1974 they began selling these products to Municipal Councils throughout Australia; with the most prominent being the highly successful number along Alexandra Avenue on the bank of the Yarra River in Melbourne. In addition there are in excess of 500 units on Queensland’s Gold Coast and 500 units in Australia’s Capital, Canberra.: