Our barbecue products are specifically designed for use in public areas. They set world’s best practice with regards the important criteria of Safety, Hygiene, and Efficiency that all public cooking systems must meet.

environment: protecting our precious parks

Christie’s created the ‘Parksafe’ BBQ in 1974 in response to the threat posed by camp fires to parks and nature reserves all around the world.
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efficiency: preserving our natural resources

Building the first parksafe GAS BBQ, meant Christies had to develop an innovative all-stainless gas burner. The CC2’s flame had to be completely isolated without compromising any of Christie’s safety and hygiene principles.
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safety: protecting park users

Since 1974, Christie Parksafe has been committed to protecting the health and safety of those who use public parks and recreation facilities. And the managers of those facilities all agree, risk management is paramount.
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hygiene: complete personal safety

Parks are not sterile environments so outdoor cooking systems must cope with constant exposure to the elements and even the local fauna. Then there’s the steady stream of visitors.
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Christies field testing proved that the 3.6 kW High-Efficiency BBQ had just the right balance of power and speed to cook safely and efficiently.

Tones of Co2 per annum

6kW            1.56 tones
3.6kW            1.82 tones
1.8kW               2.08 tones
Electricity Consumption per annum

6kW        1560kKW
3.6kW          1820kKW
1.86kW              2080kKW


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